Monthly Archives: May 2023

Backup Wednesdays

Backup Wednesdays and other maintenance events

Just a reminder that all Turtle Island servers have weekly cold bare-metal or more accurately cold bare-virtual private server backups. In other words, the servers will be shutdown and backups made while they are off.

These backups will happen during the 5:00am-6:30am CST time period on Wednesday each week. Additionally, servers will occasionally undergo unscheduled upgrades and other maintenance events. Ordinarily upgrades include security fixes that need to be applied immediately. Usually these are done in daytime hours.

Hot database backups will also be performed daily, but these do not require downtime, and are fully transparent to users.

There will be no reminders each week for regularly scheduled backups, but know they are planned for every Wednesday. Unscheduled downtimes will be announced on my account shortly before they happen if possible.


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