TurtleIsland.video has arrived!

YouTube-like video sharing and great for artists/creatives

This post is a little late, but the Turtle Island PeerTube instance TurtleIsland.video is now in operation. Peertube, as you may know, is a YouTube-like ActivityPub enabled app. So it federates with our Mastodon instance TurtleIsland.social, Pixelfed instance TurtleIsland.art and other ActivityPub enabled instances.

Currently, registrations are open to all Native/Indigenous users.

We haven’t found any managed hosting for PeerTube that meets our standards yet, so we are self hosting this. However, this is a preinstalled docker container so hopefully the automatic upgrades should be painless. Videos are stored on a high-performance CDN with virtually unlimited capacity.

All configuration files, media and database storage are backed up daily to a remote secure object storage. In the extremely unlikely event of a system corruption, Turtle Island can be restored fresh in about an hour tops.

Ditto with system upgrades, due to the more surgical nature of the backups, upgrades will be a few minutes at worst. More than likely most upgrades will be a mere blip and not even noticeable.


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