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Ocmulgee Port of Entrance, 2015, by Richard Thornton. This is a digital reproduction of a historical site in Georgia known as Okmulgee. Mvskoke ancestors built large earthen mounds at Okmulgee and lived there long before Europeans arrived in North America. Fifth slide at Smithsonian Institution.

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Turtle Island Internet properties do not sell anything or charge fees. We are volunteer led and donation financed.

We have 7+ servers, as well as CDN storage, backup storage, domain and occasional software expenses. Monthly expenses to run Mastodon (2), Akkoma (2), Peertube (2), Pixelfed (1), and Web (1) servers average around $290 + moderator tips.

Likely, we are set for any growth over the next few months. However if there is a sudden massive influx of new users, all servers have plenty of upgrade capability and we will revise these estimates.

If you receive Pension/Social Security/Disability or less please do not donate. But if you can help our Native/Indigenous Fediverse instances and websites thrive and grow, it would be very much appreciated.

Monthly goals and donations amounts from all sources will be totaled on Ko-fi. Any donations over goal will be split among the moderators.

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