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About the Servers

Turtle Island has one Mastodon Fediverse instance with two servers and one WordPress web server

  1. The Mastodon servers are in, which is professionally managed Mastodon hosting at its best. These servers (Mastodon and database servers) are scalable to virtually any number of active users, extremely reliable and the most suitable for celebrity or high demand user accounts.
  2. and are on a DigitalOcean dedicated virtual server with 2 Intel vCPU, 4GB RAM and 70GB NVMe SSD. The software is Ubuntu LinuxApacheMySQLPHP, and WordPress.

All remote server access and design work is done with Apple Mac M* Series systems. Image and graphics editing are done with GIMP and Inkscape.

All Linux and Fediverse software used is free open source. The Minamaze Pro WordPress theme is licensed. All WordPress plugins used are free versions.


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Meet the Turtle Island Team

Saabe Dream by Mishiikenh Kwe
Used with permission ©Mishiikenh Kwe

Meet the Turtle Island Team

Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe

Moderator – Content
Mvskoke Nation citizen

Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe is an author of poetry and prose from Sacramento, CA. With an affinity for astronomy and physics, she often makes correlations between the corporeal and the cosmos. She is the author of the book Disremembering, a volume of poetry about love and loss available on Amazon or direct from her at

To tip Michelle:$Aphelia

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Tzipporah Rothschild-Manory

Moderator – Admin – Graphics – Photos
Mvskoke Nation citizen

Tzipporah Rothschild-Manory is a poet, artist, photographer, and beader. Their art is influenced by traditional Mvskoke designs, but contemporary.

Their beadwork e-commerce site is at

To tip Tzipporah and help them get beading supplies:$tzipr

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Yehuda Rothschild

Moderator – Admin – Web Developer
Mvskoke Nation citizen

Yehuda Rothschild is retired after over 35 years in Information Technology. Now he is mostly the under the hood server guy for TurtleIsland.* and Allies.* Fediverse instancess, as well as general big mouth. He is working hard to fight racism, and seek land, digital and financial justice for Indigenous people, strengthen reconnecting Natives, and educate allies.

To help pay server expenses or tip (note tip on donation):$Yehuda1491

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