Mvskoke Nation Indigenous Beadwork

While supplies last special!
For ground level supporters, in other words the first three Indigenous Creatives in each category with a Indigenous Mastodon presence will receive one 1200x675px image in the header slider for their category.,, and do not sell anything, receive or charge fees. We do this strictly to help grow the Indigenous Fediverse community and encourage people to join us on Turtle Island Internet properties.,, and Internet properties are volunteer led and donation financed.

Many Indigenous creatives or stores are often multi-disciplinary and sell multiple types of creative items. The best thing you can do is check out their links and take a look at everything they offer. Beadwork – Mvskoke

Tzipporah Rothschild-Manory, a Mvskoke and Jewish artist, photographer, and beader. Follow them here, on Mastodon, on Instagram, and their Online Store to watch their beading journey. Header image has examples of Tzipporah’s beadwork.
Online Store:

Weso Beading – Mvskoke

Jo Wilson, Mvskoke made on the Muscogee Creek Reservation

Bumble Bee Beading – Mvskoke

Native Beader in the PNW

Deerwoman Dezigns – Mvskoke

A Colorful and Unique Mvskoke Beadwork & Art Boutique

Krystian Sisson – Mvskoke

Beadwork artist, illustrator and painter

Wotko Moon – Mvskoke/Mojave

Beadwork predominantly and also graphic design, painting, mural work


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